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Winter Snow Removal Concerns

The EMHOA board has communicated with KMPUD and the KMPUD board regarding the snow removal service this season. The amount of ice on the road and delays clearing snow particularly from occupied residence driveways being the primary focus of the communication. Included is a discussion of the snow clearing rotation and potential impact due to changes in association billings based on GPS measurements. KMPUD has communicated some staffing and equipment improvements are expected shortly. So they are listening. We expect a further response regarding the snow removal rotation and GPS measurements.

Please call the KMPUD at 209.258.4444 or email Rick Ansel at to let them know you are coming. They will make every effort to prioritize snow removal.

The District will prioritize driveways where we have been notified in advance that customers are present and will defer plowing “uninhabited driveways” until “inhabited driveways” are completed, after which routes will resume their normal course. To accomplish this, we will make changes to so customers can indicate their arrival and departure dates. Priority driveways will be compiled only once per shift
and distributed to the snow removal operators at the beginning of each shift. Requests and occupancy notifications that come in after the start of a shift will be added to the priority list for the next shift. This will essentially be a return to the snow removal structure from years past

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Winter Rules 2018-2019

-Keep your driveway freshly swept and clean of any debris.  Homeowners are responsible for any injury or damage to snow removal equipment caused by the presence of any objects in their driveway.

-Do not chain your dog near any area, which will receive snow removal services as snow removal equipment can cause injury to your beloved pet.

-Metal roofs shed snow in a very dramatic fashion – keep your distance.

-Snow removal equipment can be fascinating to watch, but please keep your distance, watch your children and pets.

-Drive with extreme caution. Roads can and will be icy, drive slowly. Visibility can be limited due to falling snow or high snow banks at corners.

-Keep snow play areas well away from any roadway, driveway or roof unloading zones. Absolutely, no playing in, on or over the roadways!

-Parking is not allowed on East Meadows roadways and your car can be towed. Vehicles must be parked in your garage, driveway or in guest parking areas.

Questions and concerns about snow removal can be directed to Kirkwood Meadows Public Utility District at 209-258-4444  during regular business hours. During nights and weekends, the Snow Removal On-Call phone number is 209-256-9121.  For ease keep these phone numbers in your cell phone.

Snow Removal Rules are in effect October 15th– May 15th!!!

Have a wonderful Winter and THINK SNOW!

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June 30th – HOA & Kirkwood Summer Festival

Our annual meeting will take place June 30th this year beginning at 8:00 am.

We will post more times and agendas as they become available.

Kirkwood Summer Festival:

*Make plans to join the Kirkwood community on the afternoon of Saturday June 30, 2018, from 3 – 6 pm for the Kirkwood Summer Festival, a community event to meet and socialize with your neighbors, as well as an opportunity fundraise for the Kirkwood Volunteer Fire Department.
Fundraising Goal:
*Purchase six additional self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) devices. The SCBA is worn by firefighters to provide breathable air in a dangerous atmosphere.
*The goal is to raise $30,000 or more to combine with the 2017 funds raised to purchase six additional SCBA’s to keep our firefighters safe.
Additional funds may be used to pay for a seasonal part-time fire fighter (at a cost of $18,000) to help during the busy winter months.
How You Can Help:
Purchase tickets to attend the event on
Click on the Donation link on the home page of to make a monetary donation.
We welcome donations for the Silent Auction, as long as the donated item is a certificate for an activity you and your family would enjoy, or a gift basket with unique finds, or other items that you would want to own. Please contact or contact the District office at (209) 258-4444 and ask for Jessica.
The event will include tasty food, live music with Ten Dollar Pony and a silent auction filled with unique one-of-a-kind items. Your support is important and directly contributes towards achieving our goal and keeping the volunteer firefighters and the community safe. We look forward to seeing you all this summer. Thank you for your support!

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