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Chipping Program

The KMPUD is offering the chipping program again this year as stated below. If you need help in getting things trimmed and stacked to the road, Pyramid Peak Properties would be happy to help you. Our charge is $45/hr. Please call Bryce at 775.830.9084 or email

After the heavy snowfall during the 2018-19 winter season you probably have broken limbs and downed trees on your property. Take advantage of the Kirkwood Volunteer Fire Department’s (KVFD) free roadside wood chipping program. With funds raised at the 2014 Kirkwood Summer Festival, the annual KVFD fundraiser, a wood chipper was purchased to help Kirkwood homeown-ers create defensible space around their homes. Having 100 feet of defensible space around your home, as required by Califor-nia law, dramatically increases the chance of your house surviving a wildfire and provides safety for firefighters when protecting your home. This summer the chipping program begins the second week of July and goes through the second week of Septem-ber. Here’s what you need to know:
• District staff will perform chipping brush and limbs that have been stacked correctly during the second weeks of July, August, and September respectively. The Chipping Program will end after the second week of September. Any brush or limbs stacked after September 13, 2019 will not be chipped.
• Stack cut brush and limbs up to 4 inches in diameter within 5 feet of the road edge, with cut ends facing toward the road, no higher than 4 feet. Pile in windrows like firewood, not heaped like a beaver dam. Beaver dams will not be chipped. Keep materials free of mud, rocks, wire or other items.
• Do not stack in the road, next to fire hydrants, culverts or in any way that will impede traffic on the road.
• No building debris, natural material only. Mixed piles of building debris and natural materi-als will not be chipped. Materials that cannot be chipped for any reason, including incor-rectly stacked materials, will not be removed.
• All chipped material will be returned to the homeowner’s property.

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Winter Snow Removal Concerns

The EMHOA board has communicated with KMPUD and the KMPUD board regarding the snow removal service this season. The amount of ice on the road and delays clearing snow particularly from occupied residence driveways being the primary focus of the communication. Included is a discussion of the snow clearing rotation and potential impact due to changes in association billings based on GPS measurements. KMPUD has communicated some staffing and equipment improvements are expected shortly. So they are listening. We expect a further response regarding the snow removal rotation and GPS measurements.

Please call the KMPUD at 209.258.4444 or email Rick Ansel at to let them know you are coming. They will make every effort to prioritize snow removal.

The District will prioritize driveways where we have been notified in advance that customers are present and will defer plowing “uninhabited driveways” until “inhabited driveways” are completed, after which routes will resume their normal course. To accomplish this, we will make changes to so customers can indicate their arrival and departure dates. Priority driveways will be compiled only once per shift
and distributed to the snow removal operators at the beginning of each shift. Requests and occupancy notifications that come in after the start of a shift will be added to the priority list for the next shift. This will essentially be a return to the snow removal structure from years past

Posted by: Joan Pilar | 11/19/2018

Winter Rules 2018-2019

-Keep your driveway freshly swept and clean of any debris.  Homeowners are responsible for any injury or damage to snow removal equipment caused by the presence of any objects in their driveway.

-Do not chain your dog near any area, which will receive snow removal services as snow removal equipment can cause injury to your beloved pet.

-Metal roofs shed snow in a very dramatic fashion – keep your distance.

-Snow removal equipment can be fascinating to watch, but please keep your distance, watch your children and pets.

-Drive with extreme caution. Roads can and will be icy, drive slowly. Visibility can be limited due to falling snow or high snow banks at corners.

-Keep snow play areas well away from any roadway, driveway or roof unloading zones. Absolutely, no playing in, on or over the roadways!

-Parking is not allowed on East Meadows roadways and your car can be towed. Vehicles must be parked in your garage, driveway or in guest parking areas.

Questions and concerns about snow removal can be directed to Kirkwood Meadows Public Utility District at 209-258-4444  during regular business hours. During nights and weekends, the Snow Removal On-Call phone number is 209-256-9121.  For ease keep these phone numbers in your cell phone.

Snow Removal Rules are in effect October 15th– May 15th!!!

Have a wonderful Winter and THINK SNOW!

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