Our Kirkwood Firewise Community

Support your local Kirkwood Firewise community.

We need your voluntary help to better protect ourselves from fires

East Meadows HOA involvement includes updates and information and to encourage one hour per year from our homeowners to work on their properties or in the community following Firewise defensible space guidelines.

Firewise is a voluntary program, run by community volunteers, to assist communities to better protect themselves from fires. The program is sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The benefits of being a recognized Firewise community include

(1) improve fire safety & awareness

(2) help reduce and potentially secure homeowner insurance coverage

(3) enable Kirkwood to apply for grant money to help fund defensible space projects

(4) bring the entire community together for our common good

(5) create defensible space around buildings which will allow fire fighters to remain safer while    they protect properties.

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Sandy Goldberg slsberg@comcast.net


Beth McAllister bamcallis@outlook.com

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Want to volunteer?

We’ve had an incredible response so far, and are doing everything we can to respond to everyone who wants to volunteer in one of our community programs.

Are you a business?

We are uniting our resources around this challenge, and we are combining our resources and asks to make it easy for people to support their communities.

Hear more from our community.

Notice of Annual Meeting and Related Documents

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