East Meadows Architectural Control Committee

Welcome to East Meadows Architectural Control Committee governing documents. Please familiarize yourself with the documents listed before reaching out to the EMACC Committee head, John Reiter. Any Review of your project will not begin till the Association receives your preliminary designs, samples, and fees. Final Approval will be provided upon completion of any changes to your plan the EMACC committee has required and the Construction and Contractor deposits are received by the Association.

John Reiter, who heads the EMACC, may answer minor questions. However, any detail review, responses, or meetings before the preliminary review process begins may incur additional fees. Any additional fees assessed for excess time, must also be paid prior to final approval on your Lot’s project.

Once all documentation, samples, and plan fees are received, John Reiter will set up an EMACC Committee Meeting to review your project. You are welcome to join the meeting, along with any of your representatives. This can help to clarify any questions or comments the EMACC Committee might have during their review. Once the meeting is concluded, John will notify you or your representative of any changes or approvals the EMACC Committee has recommended.

PLEASE NOTE: on May 1, 2023 the East Meadows Board of Directors approved increasing the EMACC Review fees. These fees are subject to change in the future.