Posted by: Joan Pilar | 09/28/2017

East Meadows Clean up

Qualcon has begun culvert work in East Meadows subdivision the first week of October. We have Alpine County approval to store wet rock on the second parking pad coming into East Meadows so it can drain. This saves the HOA money in hauling costs. Qualcon will then haul it out of the valley. We also have a backhoe coming to further clear drains and culverts preparing for winter. Summit Plumbing will begin their vac work on or before the 16th and will last approximately six days. Clean up is foremost on our minds with Qualcon providing street sweepers. This year we also had Eastern Sierra Engineering perform a study of our roads and drainage systems. This will help our long-term planning and achieve a realistic reserve study.

20170927_Culvert work

Progress photos – 20171017:

Progress photos – 20171106:

We have completed all the critical work and a lot more. The new drainage for Jumiper Ridge is in. All the culverts are vacuumed out which needed to be done. We have moved tons of rock with the backhoe, which saved us a lot of time and money for the vac truck. All debris has been removed from the valley and we are still working on the reports. Our engineer came out again the week before last to check on our progress. She has been instrumental in helping coordinate our communication with the Juniper Ridge Board.

We still have a lot of work to do next summer, such as the area between the Goldbergs and The Cannings old house on Larkspur. For this year , we put felt cloth down and laid sandbags in the ditch as well as putting in erosion control wattles (those long round roles of burlap with hay inside) in spots. The drain above The Cannings driveway is another bad spot where we put down burlap and felt cloth along with some wattles. That might have to reconstructed next year.

We have also reseeded all the areas which were disturbed this year.

Posted by: Joan Pilar | 09/19/2017

Green Waste Dumpster

East Meadows will have a 40 yard green waste only dumpster from Friday,  9/22 to Friday, 9/29/17 available for the subdivision and it’s owners located in the second parking bay on the right coming into East Meadows.

The KMPUD will not be able to shred green material such as willows. Any larger items and green willow type materials can be put in the dumpster if an owner wants to be rid of these green materials. Please no other dumping allowed.

Posted by: Joan Pilar | 08/03/2017

EMHOA concerns on parking lot

To the Homeowners of East Meadows HOA,

Attached please find a notice regarding Kirkwood Village Development plan to rezone the proposed community site area (near the KMPUD) into parking for skiers.  The document summarizes the presentation made during the recent EMHOA annual meeting, and some additional background information that has been brought to the Board’s attention.  ATTACHMENT

Many of you have approached Tina Coleman, who spoke on this subject at the annual meeting, with questions regarding this rezoning.  Both the Board, Tina, and Sandy Sloan, who helped draft this document hope the information contained will answer some of these questions.

It is the hope of the Board that if you are unable to attend the meeting in person, you will make you concerns known to the members of the TC-TAC members by Wednesday, August 9, 2017 when they will be providing their recommendation to the Amador County Planning Commission who will ultimately decide on the rezoning decision.  Only if we get involved, and voice our concerns, can we have an impact on changes in our beautiful Valley. The Tri-TAC meeting is scheduled for Friday, 8/18.


Peter Tuxen, President
East Meadows Homeowners Association

TC-TAC members contact information:
Zack Wood, Alpine County Planning –
Chuck Beatty, Amador County Planning –
Roger Trout, El Dorado County –

9/8/17 UPDATE:

Tina Coleman attended the TC-TAC meeting and the 3 person advisory committee voted 3-0 to NOT recommend approval of the rezoning and parking lot application to Amador County Planning Commission.

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