Posted by: Jean Solberg | 06/16/2017

July 1st General Membership Meeting Reminder !

We hope to see you all at the General Membership Meeting scheduled for July 1st (Saturday) at 8:30am. Meeting is held at the Kirkwood PUD upstairs in the conference room. Brunch/snacks will be provided. Please make sure to attend!

Posted by: Jean Solberg | 03/28/2017

Gas Explosion in Kirkwood !

Please make sure your gas meter/pipes, heating/dryer vents, and  home/site drainage channels are clear of snow/ice or other debris. Many homes are experiencing heater/drier malfunctions, gas leaks, water damage, structural stress and other potentially costly repair issues this winter. The heavy snow is literally smashing protective sheds and vents related to your home. Another gas explosion happened at Kirkwood this past weekend. A picture of the fully destroyed home is below. Check your carbon monoxide and fire/smoke sensor(s) to make sure they are functioning. Keep safe out there! Review the KMPUD safety suggestions below.

Propane Safety Tips

Destroyed Kirkwood Home March 2017-

Kirkwood Gas Explosion 3 17



Posted by: Jean Solberg | 03/28/2017

Dog Waste Issues at East Meadows

The Board of Directors are hoping that all owners and guests at East Meadows will comply with Alpine County Leash Laws and pick up the fecal waste left by their dogs. There is no Poop Fairy. Letting your dog defecate on your neighbors property, on the street, or in any of our HOA Common areas is just down right not very neighborly. The Dog Waste Issue will be on the July General Membership Meeting agenda for discussion. Installation of Mutt Mitt Stations (bags and disposal cans) and the related expenses for instituting this Dog Waste Program will be discussed. Lets all clean up after our pets. Please do not let your furry friends roam and thus defecate on neighbors property. Post notices for your guests and provide them with bags if you allow pets to visit your property.

Once again, there is no Poop Fairy! No one wants to smell, see, or step in your dogs poop. Please pick up after your pets! If you see people allowing pets to defecate within EMHOA boundaries, tell them nicely to pick up the waste. We all need to do our part to eliminate this putrid problem.

Attend the General Membership Meeting on July 1st, 8:30am to discuss this, and many other issues further.

Dog Waste Memo_2017

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