Posted by: Daniel Drapeau | 08/29/2022

KMPUD New Chipper

KMPUD is pleased to announce the Kirkwood Meadows Public Utility District has just received their brand-new chipper!

With the arrival of this machine, KMPUD will begin our residential roadside chipping service to all residents in the Kirkwood Valley. Our first round of chipping is scheduled to begin September 12-23rd. With a second round of chipping scheduled during October 10th – 21st (weather permitting).

To participate in our program here is what you need to know:

  • Stack cut brush and limbs up to 4 inches in diameter within 5 feet of the road edge, with cut ends facing toward the road, no higher than 4 feet.  Pile in windrows like firewood, not heaped like a beaver dam.  Keep materials free of mud, rocks, wire or other items.
  • Do not stack in the road, next to fire hydrants, culverts or in any way that will impede traffic on the road.
  • No building debris, natural material only. Materials that cannot be chipped for any reason, including incorrectly stacked materials, will not be removed.
  • District staff regularly patrols the valley and will chip your pile as soon as possible.
  • All chipped material will be returned to the homeowner’s property.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact the District at 209.258.4444.


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