Posted by: Joan Pilar | 03/04/2022

Update on Kirkwood Community Firewise

Dear HOA Presidents, Liaisons, and Friends,

We are happy to share that the Kirkwood Firewise Committee has completed and submitted our official application to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Firewise USA ® Program!  

Our hope is that Kirkwood Firewise will be recognized by NFPA in 2-3 months so that we can start rolling out an educational and outreach campaign to all of you, our Kirkwood Firewise community members.

Please share this good news with your homeowners and remind them to register for upcoming KMPUD Fire Safety Seminar and watch previous KMPUD Fire Safety Seminars. We encourage everyone to start thinking about defensible space projects for the upcoming summer. Also, please encourage your homeowners to go to the  Kirkwood Firewise website and sign up to receive our updates!  

Together we hope to make Kirkwood ‘FIRE SAFE’. Thank you for your support!

Kirkwood Firewise Committee
Beth McAllister
Ellen Chang
Anne-Flore Dwyer
Sandy Goldberg
Alec Hogg
Anh Oppenheimer
Agnes Perroud


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