Posted by: Joan Pilar | 01/12/2022

East Meadows HOA – Kirkwood Firewise

January 7, 2022

To: East Meadows Homeowners

From:  East Meadows HOA Board

We have good news to share!  East Meadows HOA has joined Kirkwood Firewise!

In November, we were approached by the Kirkwood Firewise Committee asking EMHOA to join and agree to participate in their efforts to make the Kirkwood area more fire safe. After careful deliberation and due diligence, the Board of Directors agreed to participate. 

HOA Responsibilities: Provide Firewise updates and information to our homeowners, encourage homeowners to give one hour (per year) working on their properties or in the community following Firewise defensible space guidelines, and appoint representatives who will be our liaison for the Firewise program, (Sandy Goldberg and Beth McAllister have volunteered for this role). 

Background: Firewise is a voluntary program, run by community volunteers, to assist communities to better protect themselves from fires. The program is sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The benefits of being a recognized Firewise community include

(1) improve fire safety & awareness

(2) help reduce and potentially secure homeowner insurance coverage

(3) enable Kirkwood to apply for grant money to help fund defensible space projects

(4) bring the entire community together for our common good

(5) create defensible space around buildings which will allow fire fighters to remain safer while    they protect properties.

Current Status and Plan:  17 Kirkwood HOAs, Vail Corporation & KMPUD have joined the program. An application is being prepared by the Firewise committee that includes a description of our community, evaluations of all participating dwellings and defensible space, and recommendations for mitigating fire risks. The application will be submitted to NFPA in early 2022.  Once recognized as a Firewise Community, the committee will roll out their action plan which includes outreach and education regarding best practices for reducing fuels and creating defensible space, community wide clean-up days, evacuation drills, grant writing, and more. 

We will provide updates to you from Kirkwood Firewise as the process proceeds.  In the meantime, here is a link to the website:


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