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Notice of Annual Meeting

East Meadows Homeowners Association
Notice of Annual Meeting and related Documents
Saturday, September 4, 2021
8:00 AM to 9:30 AM

Location is in Aster Court – Please bring your own chair for sitting

You are cordially invited to join your East Meadows Board of Directors for the Annual Homeowners Meeting being
held this year on Saturday September4, 2021. The Board is again holding the meeting outdoors, since the majority of
members present last year enjoyed the scenery and more informal gathering. Due to the traffic witnessed last year at
the entrance to East Meadows, the Board is moving the meeting to Aster Count. Besides bringing your own chair, feel
free to bring your own beverages and snacks. As with last year, there may be some social distancing requirements, but
at this time, the Board is not aware of any official mandated ones for outdoor gatherings.

The Board will have handouts, like last year, of the various Board presentations of the topics normally discussed during
the meeting relating to your Association operations or concerns. We have asked Vail if they would like send a guest
speaker, but at this time, we are unsure if they will send a representative. Bryce and Joan of Pyramid Peak Properties
(PPP) are planning on attending to give a brief updated on some of the projects going on around the subdivision.
Remember you can reach out to them throughout the year for reporting of common area issues or questions, you might
have regarding Remodels or Construction plans. Karen Higgins, our administrator will also be present for the
administrative parts of the meeting for sign-ins and any changes you wish to make to your contact information she
maintains for the Board and PPP.

The meeting agenda is included in this packet for you review before the meeting. The Board welcomes you to contact
any of your Board Members, or Karen Higgins, if you have an additional topic you would like to present or discuss
during the meeting but is not currently on the agenda. This will allow your Board or the support team members to
prepare or collect any information that can help in the discussion.

If you will not be attending this year’s meeting, we request you to go to the Association’s website and
review and verify the current Member’s Directory information. Any changes please advise Karen Higgins, our
EMHOA administrator. This information is kept strictly confidential, and only used by the Association. Owners in
East Meadows can access this information thru the password section of the website along with other confidential

If you have not already please sign up for the automatic notice option on the website. This option allows the
Association to automatically send you an email notification when new or update documents are placed on the website.
This service helps the Board inform you of important information that your family might not otherwise receive or is
time sensitive.

Included in this packet are the annual meeting proxy and an excess operating fund ballot.
(1) If you cannot attend the annual meeting in person, please fill out and return the enclosed Proxy – this is
necessary to satisfy the Annual Meeting quorum requirements of our Bylaws
(2) Excess operating funds disposition ballot (per IRS Revenue Ruling 70-604)

Lastly, the Board of Directors is always looking for new members who would like to serve on the Board. If you are
interested in serving on the Board, please let Karen or one of us know at the annual meeting, or drop us an email. The
EMHOA Board is required to be a five (5) member Board, and currently all positions are filled. However, many of the
Board Members have served for numerous years, due to limited volunteers, and would be happy to allow other owners
to take their seats. Actual time requirements for the Board are very limited. The EMHOA support team members
handle the day-to-day operations. The Board typically meets once a quarter, usually via conference calls, to handle
Board approval on decisions, which cannot be made by our support team individuals. Please consider joining the
Board, to help run your Association.

Hope to see you at the annual meeting, and if you can’t make it remember to send in your proxy and ballot.

The Board of Directors, East Meadows Homeowners Association


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