Posted by: Joan Pilar | 09/20/2019

CalFire & Gas Meters Notices

1) CalFire:

CalFire did a review of properties in Kirkwood last week. It seems some owners have already received defensible space notices. Many/most foresters are too busy to help get the trimmings and removals done before December/January. Therefore the forester we have talked with thinks that it will be feasible to do some mitigation this year, but most will have to be done next spring/summer.

That being said, we are in contact with a forester who is getting more information from CalFire and also letting them know the timing of these notices are pretty late in the season. We have a rough estimate of $2,500-$3,200 per day, which is a rate for South Lake Tahoe. This rate does not include having to remove the chipped wood out of the valley. However we are hoping to mitigate that cost by coordinating with Vail and the KMPUD on disposal of the chipped wood.

If you have a notice from CalFire and would like us to help with the coordination, please email back with some details on your specific issues, thoughts. Or if you have a contact that is already scheduled to do some work, maybe we could give them a bit more work depending on the responses we receive.

2) Gas Meters:

The KMPUD seems to have settled on some specs for gas meter enclosures and are now moving forward with giving deficiency notices for enclosures that do not fit their specs. This is a bit of a headache due to the timing. If you would like, let us know if you received a notice, and/or if you know someone willing to retrofit/rebuild some enclosures. Most of the contractors that are in the valley regularly are pretty busy with other things, but we may be able to help figure this out together.


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