Posted by: Joan Pilar | 01/25/2019

Winter Snow Removal Concerns

The EMHOA board has communicated with KMPUD and the KMPUD board regarding the snow removal service this season. The amount of ice on the road and delays clearing snow particularly from occupied residence driveways being the primary focus of the communication. Included is a discussion of the snow clearing rotation and potential impact due to changes in association billings based on GPS measurements. KMPUD has communicated some staffing and equipment improvements are expected shortly. So they are listening. We expect a further response regarding the snow removal rotation and GPS measurements.

Please call the KMPUD at 209.258.4444 or email Rick Ansel at to let them know you are coming. They will make every effort to prioritize snow removal.

The District will prioritize driveways where we have been notified in advance that customers are present and will defer plowing “uninhabited driveways” until “inhabited driveways” are completed, after which routes will resume their normal course. To accomplish this, we will make changes to so customers can indicate their arrival and departure dates. Priority driveways will be compiled only once per shift
and distributed to the snow removal operators at the beginning of each shift. Requests and occupancy notifications that come in after the start of a shift will be added to the priority list for the next shift. This will essentially be a return to the snow removal structure from years past


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