Posted by: Joan Pilar | 09/28/2017

East Meadows Clean up

Qualcon has begun culvert work in East Meadows subdivision the first week of October. We have Alpine County approval to store wet rock on the second parking pad coming into East Meadows so it can drain. This saves the HOA money in hauling costs. Qualcon will then haul it out of the valley. We also have a backhoe coming to further clear drains and culverts preparing for winter. Summit Plumbing will begin their vac work on or before the 16th and will last approximately six days. Clean up is foremost on our minds with Qualcon providing street sweepers. This year we also had Eastern Sierra Engineering perform a study of our roads and drainage systems. This will help our long-term planning and achieve a realistic reserve study.

20170927_Culvert work

Progress photos – 20171017: