Posted by: Jean Solberg | 02/09/2017

Kirkwood Emergency Notification !!!

Due to heavy rains, the KMPUD waste water storage is at a critical level. The District has no choice but to limit all water use in the Valley until the plant can catch up. Vail Resorts has been asked to close and all residents in the Valley are asked to limit water usage until further notice. Customers planning to come to Kirkwood should delay their trip until the situation improves.

Last night at 6:30pm the Out of Valley Electric power line went down due to issues with the PG&E system at Salt Springs. At this time the exact cause is unknown. KMPUD was able to restore power through the Powerhouse fairly quickly and the Valley is currently on generator power.

Please contact the KMPUD directly if you need more specific detailed information. I will send updates as they are received from the KMPUD. High winds and rain are forecasted until tonight when the rain will hopefully turn to snow.


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