Posted by: Jean Solberg | 01/11/2017

Kirkwood Update Wednesday 11am

Out of Valley Power went down at 11:30pm last light. Power was restored to Kirkwood Valley fairly quickly through the in valley Powerhouse. Passes are still closed. No ETA for opening of Highways.

KMPUD has repair parts for Sewer Pump House waiting to come over what ever pass opens first. Sewer Pump House is back on line with one pump operating. Use restrictions still in place, but KMPUD hopes to removed these restrictions before the end of the day. Please do not use sewer system unless you absolutely have to.

The KMPUD is doing well to keep the roadways open. Parking pads and driveways are currently not being fully serviced as roadways are a priority. East Meadows has experience road bed and road drainage damage. Please drive with caution when you do come up. Trees are coming down. Tree removal is not possible due to extreme weather conditions.

The KMPUD is very busy responding to emergency calls, water line breaks and stranded motorists. It is still snowing over much of the Sierra. The KMPUD is doing much better then Nevada Energy, Washoe County, Cal Trans or Nevada DOT, when it comes to providing services! Please give them a big thank you when you finally come up to Kirkwood! I am located at the very top of Incline Village where I am totally snowed in, roads buried, and had no power all night. My power just came back on and seems pretty unstable at his point. I wish I had KMPUD providing my Incline Village home with services!

The good side is the skiing and boarding will be amazing once we can get out there in the snow to play! Stay Safe.


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