Posted by: Jean Solberg | 01/10/2017

Sewer Pump Station Update

High flood levels over whelmed the East Lift Control Room adjacent to East Meadows HOA. The KMPUD is maintaining limited capacity with the use of a pumper truck and manual operation by very hard working crews 24 hours a day. Repairs are underway.  The Sierra Mountain Range is now experiencing extremely heavy snow fall and high winds after the significant rainfall that fell the last couple days. Please do not come to Kirkwood if at all possible. The KMPUD needs your cooperation during this extreme weather situation. If you are in East Meadows HOA boundaries, please do not use your sewer system unless absolutely necessary. Repairs are in progress, but road conditions are extremely poor with many highways currently closed. Avalanche danger  throughout the Sierra is a major concern. Please do not come to Kirkwood until the Utilities and Roadways are once again operational. Thank you!


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