Posted by: Jean Solberg | 01/10/2017

Kirkwood Update

Many feet of snow has fallen in Kirkwood in the last 24 hours (3-5 feet) with many more feet projected to come down tonight (2-3 feet). KMPUD crews are working around the clock to try and keep the roads open. Highway 88 is closed in both directions. The Pump Station has one pump working at this point. Repair parts are coming up as soon as Carson Pass opens. The KMPUD feels they will be able to get the sewer system back to Full Service by the weekend. This is their current projection. Updates will be posted as this significant Storm Event continues. In the short term, please do not use sewer service unless you must within the East Meadows HOA boundaries. The sewer system is limping along and has limited capabilities. Our private East Meadows Roadways have experienced surface and drainage damage in at least one location. More damage may be happening in the latest storm event. We also have notice of at least one tree with a significant chance of falling. The heavily soaked ground and now heavy snow and wind will surely topple a few trees.

Please drive with extreme caution when you do come up to East Meadows. Thank you.


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