Posted by: Jean Solberg | 12/07/2014

Let it Snow !!!!

Winter is here and snow removal season is upon us.

Please review the “Winter Rules” and post in your Kirkwood home for all to review. Link to the document is below.

The Winter and Summer Letters, and Contact Lists for our Membership will not longer be mailed out as hard copies. These documents will be available on the website to save postage.

Please note in the “Winter Rules”, the special request by the Board of Directors concerning those tardy individuals that make everyone on the bus wait for them to get to the bus. PLEASE PLAN AHEAD! Be ready for the bus BEFORE it arrives to your home. We all want to get on the slopes as fast as possible.

Please also put July 4th, 8:30am on your calender for the 2015 General Members Meeting. We hope you all will be available to attend.

Have a great ski/boarding/hiking/snow shoeing season! Happy Holidays!

Winter Letter 12/14

Winter Rules 12/14


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