Posted by: Jean Solberg | 08/18/2014

Crack Fill of EMHOA Roadways

Intermountain (out of Reno) will be once again filling our roadway cracks with black sticky emulsion sometime in September. If you have an Asphalt Driveway with cracks, this is a good time to have those cracks filled. If you want to have your driveway crackS filled, please send Jean Solberg an email at by the end of August so your address can be added to the driveway list. Driveways will cost between $60-$140 depending on how much cracking needs to be treated.

Please include in your email work request:
1) home address at EMHOA where the driveway is located
2) your name and mailing address for the bill –to be sent directly to you by Intermountain–
3) contact phone number if for some reason there is an issue with your request

If you are visiting East Meadows during the time the Intermountain crew is on site, please drive slowly and follow their directions. They try very hard to not delay your travel plans anymore then needed. We need to not have cars/trailers etc. parked on our common area roadways and parking areas during the crack fill work period so we can have all cracks filled with no spots missed. If you have anything parked out on the road in September, please work with the Intermountain crew to get it moved when it is time for them to work in that particular area.
Thank you!


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