Posted by: Jean Solberg | 05/03/2012

Nevada State Washoe Nursery Opens May 10th !

Nevada Division of Forestry- Washoe Nursery will be opening May 10th. They are located north of Carson City on the north east corner of Washoe Lake.  The Nursery has a great source of native re-vegetation plants for your Kirkwood yard. Most of their plants are grown on site, so very hardy. Please contact me if you need some help selecting plants. Please note only a small portion of the plants they have are good hardy species for Kirkwood. Nursery information is attached for those wanting to read more about their hours and plant selections. I would be happy to help anyone wanting to do some re-vegetation plantings at East Meadows. Please note some level of irrigation is needed to help the small plants take hold in the first few years and during extreme dry periods of summer like July/August. Heavy mulching of the plants will help hold in moisture and moderate root temperatures year around.


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