Posted by: Jean Solberg | 05/03/2011

Washoe Country Nursery – Spring 2011

EM-HOA Members,

Washoe County NurseryThe Washoe County Nursery will be opening for the Spring season on May 12, 2011 (click HERE for announcement).

Each year, I purchase plants at the nursery for EM-HOA common area re-vegetation projects.  As many of you know, I also assist homeowners in the selection of their personal plants, as well as help with plant installation, care, and maintenance.

An order form (PDF) for the Washoe County Nursery may be accessed HERE, as well as on the Documents page (in the Architectural Control Committee section).

If you need assistance with your plants during the Spring 2011 season, please contact me:

Jean Solberg, ACC Principal Consultant
Tel: 503-504-9163

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

  1. Only a few of the available plants at the Washoe County Nursery are “natives” that will thrive in the Kirkwood environment.  Please keep this in mind when making your plant selections.
  2. All landscaping needs must be reviewed by me so that I may determine whether or not a proposal needs to be submitted to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).

Supporting Information

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding the above information or if you require assistance with your Spring 2011 plant needs.

Jean Solberg
ACC Principal Consultant


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