Posted by: Jean Solberg | 04/18/2011

Out Valley Project Support

Fellow East Meadows Residents,

In an email from Bob Epstein and Standish O’ Grady (viewable HERE – PDF file), we are being asked to support the Environmental Impact documents that are key to the proposed Out Valley Project.

Personally, I have already signed indicating my support. 

As each of you considers whether to sign in support of the Environmental Impact documents, you should be aware that the proposed routing of the buried electrical line follows East Meadows Drive as it goes from the mouth of the Valley and up to the new Power House.  Few specifics are given in the report as it describes “Section 22” of the planned routing. However, it is clear that trenching along or under our roadway is proposed, and that some attendant inconvenience and disruption for us as homeowners would result during the construction period.

I have requested that KM PUD provide us a more complete statement of their proposal, so that we may better understand the implications for our part of the Valley.

In the meantime, as I already stated, I have signed indicating my personal support of the Environmental Impact documents so that we may continue moving forward on plans for an Out Valley Project that may one day connect us to the PG&E electrical grid.

To voice your support for the Out Valley Project, please email Bob Epstein at bob@bobepstein.toPlease include your name (and your spouse’s name, if applicable), as well as your Kirkwood street address.


Robert Ende
President, EMHOA


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