Posted by: Jean Solberg | 10/27/2010

EM-HOA Letter to KMPUD

EM-HOA Members,

On Monday, October 25th, Bob Epstein and Standish O’Grady sent a letter to KMPUD regarding the power generation topic.  This letter represents the views of 75 homeowners from our community and expresses strong support for prioritizing the out-valley utilities project and minimizing the use of homeowner capital for in-valley projects.

The letter includes the names of all those who support the sentiments of Bob and Standish, as well as supplemental comments from a number of EM-HOA members.  Bob and Standish plan to present the letter at the October 30th KMPUD Board Meeting.

To view the letter (PDF format), please click here to visit the Utility Issues page. You will need to use your member password to access the page.  The letter, titled “EM-HOA Letter to KMPUD,”  is posted at the top of the Property Owner Letters section.

If you would like to add your name to the letter, please email Bob and Standish before 5pm on Thursday, October 28th. Their email addresses are as follows (please include the Kirkwood address you would like to have listed):

Board of Directors
East Meadows Homeowners Association

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